Testimonials from clients

For the highest standard of Kinesiology in Brisbane. Create Your Reality has been providing Kinesiology to Brisbane for more than 14 years. Operating from 108 Latrobe Tce. Paddington, Guy Bennett B.Sc. and his associates have been setting the standard for Kinesiology in Queensland and Australia. Kinesiology is a fast growing natural therapy because it gives great results. Find out about our range of life changing programs.


Guy discusses the significant benefits of Kinesiology.


My back started playing up when I was 18 (14 years ago). Since then I have sought out various treatments without experiencing prolonged relief. After having lived in Brisbane for over a year a friend of mine recommended that I try Kinesiology. On my first session with Guy I felt this incredible release. I walked out with a smile on my face. It took several sessions for me to experience a prolonged relief of my back pain. Now I am hooked, I keep coming back for more. Kinesiology has increased my quality of life in more ways than one.

Annelis Nilsson

Occupational Therapist/Rehabilitation Counsellor

For a period in excess of five years I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). In my search for support and assistance in the management of Chronic Fatigue, I inquired about Kinesiology and sought the help of Guy Bennett.

I have been treated by Guy on three occasions and have noticed a number of the CFS symptoms have disappeared. I now enjoy a pain-free lower back and groin area. Other benefits I have noticed include a less stressful approach to daily living decision-making, along with a generally happier disposition.

There is no doubt in my mind that CFS requires a holistic approach to healing in order to enable the sufferer to manage it effectively. In conjunction with my changed eating habits, daily rest and exercise program, I believe Guy Bennett’s treatment is showing positive results and can recommend him to others seeking to obtain relief from some CFS symptoms.

Peter Mack

I have been going to Guy as a client for this past year and the personal changes I have experienced have been profound and lasting. These sessions have enabled me to regain parts of my life that I had begun to think impossible and look clearly at the present and into the future. I feel blessed to have experienced Guy’s very special way of kinesiology. He is an inspiring practitioner and a marvellous healer.

Jeanne Leppard

I was involved in a an accident about 40 years ago, when a large piece of slag dislodged from a wall about 5 meters above me striking my head; a jagged piece of iron cut through my safety helmet leaving a slight cut and indentation in my skull. Damage to the cervical vertebrae was detected some years latter when muscular trauma manifested. Over the years, I have consulted many physiotherapists and other types of healers with no lasting results.

A couple of hours after my first session with Guy the area of impact became sensitive & sore. Gradually the soreness subsided except for the exact area of indentation. This remained tender and sore for an hour or so then all pain from my skull completely disappeared. Two follow up sessions have reduced much of the trauma of the neck and back. I am very happy with the results.

Guy is a very competent, intuitive and caring therapist.

Harry Biondi

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