Kinesiology Consultations

Defining the standard, Create Your Reality has been providing Kinesiology to Brisbane for more than 14 years. Operating from 108 Latrobe Tce. Paddington, Guy Bennett and his associates have been supporting the people of Brisbane to grow and change to reach their potential. Kinesiology is a fast growing natural therapy because it gives great results. Find out about our range of life changing programs.

Kinesiology Consultations

Create Your Reality will give you a fulfilling Kinesiology journey. Our knowledge, experience and expertise will provide you with the support you need to positively transform all areas of your life.

Discover the extraordinary transformative power of Kinesiology.

We have a range of programs that can support you to achieve your higher path in life.

Programs include:

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Kinesiology Practitioners

Guy Bennett B.Sc.

With over 14 years experience as a Kinesiology Practitioner. A science degree. Twenty years of personal development work. Studies in a wide range of healing arts. Studies in a wide range of spiritual practices from around the world. And one of Australia’s top kinesiology trainers. Guy Bennett can facilitate your growth and healing……For more information about Guy please see his personal blog site.

Carly Warburton B.A. (Psych.) Dip. Kinesiology

Carly has a Diploma of Kinesiology and a B.A. with a psychology major. With 6 years experience in Kinesiology, Carly’s gentle and confident approach delivers great results.

Inner Connection...

Stepping out of Depression

When we are depressed it is like our soul is unplugged from the mind-body. This usually occurs because of an inability to process and release key emotions like anger. Kinesiology can support in releasing the blocked emotions and re-establishing the key energetic connection between the soul mind and body.

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Let Go...

Releasing Emotional Trauma

On one level, old trauma is stored deep in the brain and can be triggered when restimulated by things in our present environment which resemble the past events. On another level some believe that our memories can be recorded across our entire being from our cells to our energy field; each part holding the imprints of our history. Kinesiology is an excellent tool for both accessing the deeper parts of our brain to release trauma and acting holistically to release stress from the body’s field and cells. If you have had difficulty shifting old trauma, kinesiology is certainly worth investigating. Kinesiology helps us release stress without having to excessively revisit the past.

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Grow Heal and Find Balance

Restoring Health and Balance

In Kinesiology we believe that stress is the cause of ill health and that all things can be improved by releasing stress. When stress is unresolved it blocks the optimal function of our body. We have comprehensive approaches for supporting you to release stress. Once the stress starts to clear the body can begin to self-organise back to good health.

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Discover Your Potential

Advanced Life Development

Create Your Reality has developed a landmark program that supports you to refine and achieve your goals. Kinesiology is used in an advanced coaching format to help to clarify what it is you really want and remove the blocks to you achieving it.

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Peace and Reflection

Stress Resolution

Kinesiology is able to locate the hidden determinants that hold your stress in place; a kinesiology treatment can reveal to you what your inner self requires to resolve and release the stress so that your life can flow.

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Structural Realignment

Structural Realignment

Kinesiology is an excellent modality for restoring structural alignment. The alignment of our bones are controlled by muscles and the muscles are controlled by nerves. Kinesiology is able to restore correct nerve signalling to the body so that muscles can realign bones, giving long lasting results.

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Bring out your child's radiance

Child Development

Kinesiology has been shown to give excellent results in improving development and learning. By using kinesiology to work directly with the brain and retained developmental reflexes, both children and adults can show improvements in how they learn and process.

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Let your light shine

Spiritual Evolution

Reconnect with your deep authentic passion. Discover your purpose. Learn to listen and align with planet Earth. Clear past life issues. Awaken to your Cosmic Self.

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Redefine the neural network

Breaking Patterns

Redefine the Neural Network. Our unique and advanced methods, allowing access to the brain’s neurology enhances brain plasticity. Create Your Reality can support you to re-pattern the neural network so that you can experience change to innovate your life.

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Be Happy...

Fulfilling relationships

Our relationships are our greatest learning ground. Sometimes we get stuck as our relationships bring up our primary issues. When the issues that come up are not cleared then the relationship will begin to breakdown. Kinesiology can support you to let go of the real issues behind your relationship problems opening the door to joy and fulfillment.

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