Dr. Charles Krebs

Dr. Charles KrebsCharles is a trained scientist, obtaining his PhD. in marine biology. After a serious diving accident in the early 80’s which left him almost completely paralysed, Charles was propelled into the area of complimentary therapies to find assistance. From a neurological perspective Charles should be in a wheel chair, yet he is walking around and tours the world as a much sought after lecturer.

He now practices as a kinesiologist where his special interest in how the brain works, has lead him to develop some powerful programmes to assist people with learning difficulties Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP).

These programmes are now taught and used in many countries around the world. Applying his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and his particular expertise in brain function, he has developed a number of powerful nutritional formulas that profoundly effect how the brain and subsequently the physical body deals with stress.

Because of his own particular need to improve the functioning of muscles in his own body, he has also developed a remarkable ‘Muscle formula’ which ‘switches on’ dysfunctional muscles. Charles is also the author of a book, ‘A Revolutionary Way of Thinking’.

Guy Bennett

Guy BennettGuy Bennett lives in Brisbane Australia, where he has been practicing Kinesiology for 14 years. He has been running the College for Kinesiology for over 10 years now.

Guy’s own interests include Martial arts extending through to Tai Chi, Aikido and Kung Fu. He is a lover of nature, enjoys travelling and engaging with different cultures. He is strongly focused on his own spiritual journey and is especially taken with the Dao, which offers an elegant simplicity in the understanding of our place in the Universe.

Guy has a Bachelor of Science from Griffith University and is a Registered Specialised Member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

He has written many accredited kinesiology courses including:-

He also teaches many courses developed by other Kinesiology developers.

Guy has a rare gift in being able to effectively blend scientific and spiritual principles.
To find out more about Guy and his interests please see his blog.

 Jacque Mooney

Jacque MooneyJacque Mooney has been a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner since 1992 and has studied extensively in Kinesiology and other related modalities. As well as balancing physical and emotional stresses, Jacque specialises in working with the brain, learning problems and overall performance enhancement with children and adults.

Jacque is the Australian Faculty Member, Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology, including the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, LEAP Brain Integration Workshops and Stress Indicator Points (SIPS) and is an International Presenter and Instructor.                                                        

Peter McLellan

Peter McLellanPeter McLellan specialises in Applied Physiology, Neural Organisation Technique (NOT) and Transpersonal Counselling. Peter has developed Neuro Spiritual Integration (NSI) which is influenced by Transpersonal Medicine and incorporates neurology. Peter works with basic acupressure and reflex systems to reestablish the neurology of the body structure and the function of the nervous system which controls overall health and wellbeing on all levels – mind, body, heart and spirit. Symptomology is addressed at structural, energetic, psychological, spiritual and emotional levels. As emotional or spiritual issues arise, counselling complements the physical / energy work so that the whole person can be healed.

Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement (Sports Medicine) Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling

Diploma in Primary Teaching with a Physical Education Major.

Peter began his Kinesiology training in 1985. He has been in clinical practice since 1987 using Kinesiology; in the beginning with Educational Kinesiology (EK), and then expanding into PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practitioner). Ongoing professional development included Neural Organisation Technique (NOT)) in 1992, Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (Leap) in 1994, and Transpersonal Medicine in 1996. Peter went on to develop his own courses in Neuro Spiritual Integration in 1999. Peter McLellan is accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) as a Level II practitioner.

He is currently undertaking a PhD in Transpersonal Medicine with Prof. Rafael Locke through the IKON Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences. He is a ceremonial leader with the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society. He will be running Shamanic Bodywork, a course in shamanic healing, in 2009.

Hugo Tobar

Hugo TobarHugo Tobar, founder of Neuro Energetic Kinesiology has been teaching Kinesiology worldwide for over 5 years. He has a diploma in Holistic Kinesiology from KCES in Melbourne and has spent 3 years studying eastern philosophies in India. Hugo has authored over 20 kinesiology courses, and mixes energetic sciences, spirituality and anatomy and physiology thoughout his work. Much of Energetic Kinesiology expands on Richard Utt’s formatting system which is now used extensively around the world including in Charles Krebs’ LEAP courses.

Leaders in Energy Medicine and Mind Body Medicine