Create Your Reality Gold Coast Campus

Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology opens a new campus on the Gold Coast at Queensland Independent College.

Gold Coast Campus

Create Your Reality Gold Coast CampusBanner for promoting new Gold Coast campus

The Queensland Independent College is a private primary school and will be becoming a secondary school in 2014. The program has integrated the best aspects from Steiner and Montessori school systems and is now looking at how Kinesiology can potentially benefit students parents and staff.

We are running the curriculum from the school premises on weekends in similar fashion to the Brisbane Venue with practice nights every second Thursday evening starting at 7:00pm. However we are only running one intake for 2013. Kat Lynn and Guy Bennett will be working together with Len Riseley to deliver the program.


We are running a Free Kinesiology information event on Feb 1st 2013 time tables are available for the course you can also see us at the Health Harmony & Soul Expo on the Gold Coast on the 18, 19 and 20th of January 2013, click here for 1/2 price tickets


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