Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any particular skills before studying kinesiology?

No, there is no qualification required to start a Certificate IV in Kinesiology.  Students will require reading, writing and listening skills in order to complete the training.  If you have any special needs to support you to commence and complete the training, please contact the college directly.

I have studied some kinesiology elsewhere; will that training be recognised?

It is important for students completing a Certificate IV and Diploma with Create Your Reality to have a high level of skill that is current and applicable.  If you have studied some of the same components elsewhere (e.g. Touch for Health, Brain Formatting, etc.) then that training will be ‘Recognised Prior Learning’, so you do not need to repeat those courses with us.  However, we will need to take into account how long ago you did the training and whether you have been using the skills and knowledge in the interim.  If the skills and knowledge are no longer effectively recalled and applied, it would be recommended that you repeat the relevant components.  The standard price for repeating any courses is half price.

If you have studied different courses, your experience and skill will be assessed to determine what aspects of the Certificate IV or Diploma you will and won’t need to complete.  We do our best to be flexible and meet the needs of individuals, while maintaining a high standard of skill and knowledge for people graduating from CYR College.

I have qualifications in other natural therapies and/or have been working in a healthcare field?

If you have studied another type of health therapy or have work experience in the field of healthcare, you may have completed or have the relevant skills and knowledge to cover at least some of the ‘common units’ within the Certificate IV and the ‘common units’ or ‘elective units’ within the Diploma.  The common units are generic across the majority of training in natural therapies.  They are units such as ‘Communicate effectively with clients’, ‘Use specific health terminology to communicate effectively’, and ‘Administer a Practice’.  We have written our own material that is relevant to kinesiology while meeting the requirements of training in these common units.  However, if you have already covered them previously and feel competent with those skills, you have an opportunity to have your experience counted as ‘Recognised Prior Learning’ (RPL).

Please supply the College with copies of any training certificates, resumes and references of work experience, which demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and knowledge addressed by the common units.

If you have a previous academic transcript that clearly lists the units, there is no charge to RPL these units.  In other cases, we need to study evidence, so there is a $35/hour administrative fee.

Do I need a massage table?

You do not need a massage table to commence study.  Massage tables are supplied at the courses and at the Thursday practice evenings.  However, as you progress, it is likely you will want to invest in a massage table.  They can range in price from approximately $100 to $1000, depending on the materials and design, and are available from a variety of places.

How much time will I need to invest in the study?

If you opt to study full-time, the workload is approximately 21 hours per week, which includes both the time you spend at practical courses, assessments and practice evenings and the time you spend outside of organised classes, where you are practicing, completing assignments and workbooks.  Some weeks you will not have any practical classes to attend, which offers you flexibility to organise your study and practice times around other aspects of your life.

You can choose to study at a slower pace, which just means that your training will take longer, yet you will have reduced workload over that period. This will not impact on your training, as long as you are completing the courses in approximately the same order as you would if studying full-time.  Please refer to Timetables for study dates.  We are happy to work with you to develop a study plan that suits you and still offers a beneficial order of study.

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