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Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology delivers a Certificate IV and a Diploma of Kinesiology. We have been providing the highest quality of kinesiology training in Brisbane for more than 10 years. If you want a course that can support you to become an excellent kinesiologist, then come and study at our Nationally Recognised Training school based here in Brisbane Australia.

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Integrating Modalities

The Diploma provides an abundance of skills and knowledge from many different approaches to health and healing. The training helps the student to effectively tailor a kinesiology session (using their repertoire of skills and knowledge) to best suit each client. Graduates are prepared to enter the industry as well-equipped professionals.

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Coaching Kinesiology

A blending of coaching and kinesiology. Cutting-edge theories in reality creation are combined with specialised kinesiology techniques to support clients to actualise their potentials and create a life that truly fulfils them. The training covers the coaching journey, starting with the client’s initial assessment of their life and wellbeing. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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Diagram of Neural Organisation Technique

Neural Organisation Technique

An exploration of working with and helping to bring balance to the innate body systems, as identified by its founder, Dr. Carl Ferrari. It enhances an understanding of the body through systematic hands-on structural techniques and theory. Instructed by Peter McLellan. Read More:

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Diagram of Neuro Energetic Kinesiology

Neuro Energetic Kinesiology

Offers detailed, systematic approaches to working with the seven major chakras and the neuro emotional pathways of the brain. Stresses can be identified on different levels (from subatomic to pure consciousness). Many formats are used to access information, which can provide insight into the client’s presenting issues. Developed by Hugo Tobar.

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Applied Physiology

Developed by Richard Utt. His kinesiology experiences combined with his background in computer science and electrical technology allowed him a unique understanding of the body’s electromagnetic circuitry. A centrepiece of Applied Physiology is the system of formatting, in which acupoints and finger modes are used to pinpoint specific physiological and anatomic stresses in the client’s body. Particular techniques from AP allow for detailed information on the structure and function of the brain to be accessed. Instructed by Jacque Mooney.

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The widely-known Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program has been shown to improve results in standard psychological tests by working to support brain integration and function. It is an valuable tool in clearing neurological stress and working with children and adults with learning difficulties. Developed by Dr. Charles Krebs and instructed by Jacque Mooney.

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Nutrition and Physiology Applications

Presents a holistic concept of health, including aspects such as toxicity, biological timing, fascia and cellular membrane function. Includes techniques to work with these aspects, as well as systems of the body (such as immune, lymphatic, vascular, autonomic nervous system). Detailed information and specialised techniques for the organs and glands of the body. Students become skilled at providing highly professional support for health imbalances and disease conditions. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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Diagram of Cranial Kinesiology

Cranial Kinesiology

A synthesis of kinesiology and craniosacral technique, integrating subtle energetic work with structure and neurology. The course explores centred harmonics, significance of cerebrospinal fluid, passage and expression of consciousness, sacred geometry. The techniques enhance our presence, along with our ability to detect structural and energetic changes in the client’s body and to work subtly. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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