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Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology delivers a Certificate IV and a Diploma of Kinesiology. We have been providing the highest quality of kinesiology training in Brisbane for more than 10 years. If you want a course that can support you to become an excellent kinesiologist, then come and study at our Nationally Recognised Training school based here in Brisbane Australia.

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Touch for health

Touch for Health:

Touch for Health is the beginning of the practical part of the kinesiology journey, Introducing a broad range of fundamental kinesiology skills and concepts, along with Chinese Medicine theory. Developed by Dr John Thie.

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Anatomy and Physiology:

Anatomy and Physiology is a required knowledge for the Cert IV. We can recommend some effective trainers in anatomy and physiology.

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First Aid:

First Aid is required knowledge for the Cert IV. We can recommend some external providers for this short training course.

Kinesiology Practical Applications Series:

KPA1 and KPA 2 provide key integrative information, designed to make the kinesiology more practical. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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History and Theory:

This course imparts a professional level of knowledge of the origins of Kinesiology and its theoretical workings. It supports the practitioner to know and express a deep and expansive understanding of Kinesiology. As well as communicate effectively to clients and potential clients. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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Brain Formatting:

Brain Formatting is the doorway to working with brain structures and their function. This course introduces the Applied Physiology technique of formatting which also forms the foundation of the LEAP Program.

In Brain Formatting we learn about, then access all the major brain structures using formats, which are combinations of acupressurepoints with finger modes.

This course is the ideal first stepping stone in Kinesiology for working with the brain directly.

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Client Services

Client Services makes up five of the nine common units for the cert IV and includes:

  • Communicate Effectively in Health
  • Communicate Effectively with Clients
  • Use Specific Health Terminology
  • Confirm Physical Health Status
  • Make referrals

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Administer a Practice

Administer a Practice makes up four of the nine common units for the Cert IV and includes:

  • Administer a Practice
  • Comply with infection control
  • Contribute to Occupational health and Safety
  • Work Effectively with others

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Structural fundamentals

This course develops key techniques and methodologies for dealing with structural problems in clients; it is an in depth course which has unique approaches and techniques in the kinesiology world. It develops a real sense of professionalism. Developed by Guy Bennett.

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Holographic Muscle Monitoring:

This course opens the door to a deeper and more profound way of accessing the body’s energetic matrix to effect deep and lasting change. It takes the principles of both physics and Chinese Medicine to new depths. Developed by Richard Utt.

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Attitude with Essence:

Extending from Holographic Muscle Monitoring, this course deepens the kinesiology journey into vibrational medicine, introducing the effective use of flower essences and tuning forks. Developed by Richard Utt.

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Introduction to Physiology

Introduction into Physiology Applications:

Using the skills from Holographic Muscle Monitoring and Attitude with Essence, we are able to use the holographic coordinates of the body’s energies to access very specific physiology imbalance in the body. This gives you a high level of professionalism in dealing with health issues.

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Chakra Metaphors

Chakra Metaphors:

This course is a first step into working with chakras, allowing you to develop a psychological understanding of them. Participants learn how to test for imbalances in the chakras and explore the psychological profiles that these imbalances indicate.

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