Awaken Your Inner Healing Potential

Kinesiology is about self empowerment and building independence. It is our goal to take you on an authentic healing journey so that you can take control of you own life and your own healing journey then sharing this with others.

Awakening Inner Healing Potential

Create Your Reality is all about accessing self-healing. If you are a client then we are supporting you to activate your self-healing potential. If you are a student then we are educating you on how to support someone to self-heal.

The body is designed to be self-organising. If there is an inability to resolve stress, the body can partially lose its ability to self-organise. In this situation kinesiology can be used to unblock the body’s ability to self-heal. Once unblocked the body starts to self-organise and the healing process re-activates.

We recognise the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit as interdependent parts that work seamlessly together. Kinesiology is able to address all of these categories in a customised way for each and every client.

As well as unblocking the client’s ability to self-organise and heal, we are also educating the client to understand how to keep the body balanced. In this way we are supporting independence rather than dependence in our clients.

At Create Your Reality we recognise life itself as the healer; the role of the Kinesiologist is to help us back into the flow, so that our dynamic interaction with life is supporting us to grow and evolve gently.

Students of Create Your Reality studying Kinesiology go through significant change. The program is designed to facilitate the student’s own ability to hold the space for another. Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology is a school which will support your own personal growth to become a confident facilitator of healing and transformation.

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