Tracking the Highest Potential

Tracking the Highest Potential

Kinesiology is a lot about unlocking an individual’s highest potential. People will often have ideas about what it is they want from their lives; yet what they want won’t always be in alignment with their highest potential. This mismatch can significantly slow down growth and the ability to attain goals.

When we are wanting of something – be it an outcome, an experience, a possession or a relationship – the true nature of the desire is not always obvious. Our desire may not always reflect our deeper aspirations, as our desires may inadvertently stem more from our aversions and fears rather than our heart’s joy.

Kinesiology can help us to achieve what we want, however it will always be automatically placing our highest potential above any other concerns. A good practitioner who understands this will always be balancing the client’s conscious desires and needs with a deeper and more powerful need to enact the highest potential.

The power and magnitude behind the highest potential is immense and far outweighs the power of our mind and emotions alone. When you move toward this potential, which is represented in following your heart’s joy, you may find that the outcome is far beyond any previous imaginings.

Learning to tap into this power and harness it is similar to a captain charting the course for a sailing vessel, where he uses the changeable power of the elements with the capacities of the vessel. He uses his skill of rigging the sails, working with the wind and the currents, negotiating rocks and reefs while maintain the desired heading. This analogy is not dissimilar to our lives; the power of the wind and the ocean are the natural forces of the Universe and this raw power needs to be skilfully harnessed for our potentials to be optimally manifest.

Tracking the highest potential

Tracking the Highest Potential

The nature of the highest potential is such that it is only ever partially definable as it is a heading rather than a destination. There are destinations along the way but the voyage is never ending.

The highest potential is always a potential and so reveals itself partially. As it only ever reveals to us part of the story, our hunger for more certainty than what is possible can cause us to miss the power, grace and opportunity of the moment.

Our continued journey toward this elusive heading means that we are growing and deepening as human beings; we are resolving the burdens of the past and having an increasing capacity to deal with the prevailing uncertainty that arises during the voyage of destiny.

Kinesiology and the Highest Potential

Kinesiology uses contexts. When a client comes for a balance and fills out their client form, they are establishing a context for their treatment. From the complete list of the client’s presenting issues, a Kinesiologist can use muscle monitoring to determine the priority issue. The resolution of this selected issue offers the client the highest potential benefit in that moment. During the kinesiology balance the client’s energy shifts, allowing them to expand forward. At the next kinesiology session, the muscle monitoring will again select the most relevant issue or stress with which to work. Again, resolving this stress opens the client to further accessing and working with their highest potential.

With the continuation of these experiences over time, the practitioner will develop a greater instinct for tracking the highest potential for their clients, while the client will develop the same for themselves.

As a practitioner, when I form goals with my clients, we are settings the context for change. By using the muscle monitoring to select a priority goal, we are letting the client’s innate awareness develop the goal. The innate awareness and the conscious mind work together to architect the optimal goal. The development and application of such a goal is actively entraining us toward the highest potential.

Kinesiology’s engagement with the innate awareness is naturally offering both the client and practitioner the opportunity to progress toward their own highest potential. By discussing and questioning the results and outcomes, we are able to contrast the conscious with the unconscious and so develop both the skills and intuition to take a more direct route to the highest potential.

Defining the Highest Potential

Recently while writing a new chakra course, I questioned the meaning of ‘highest’. I was acutely aware that as a kinesiologist I have been using it regularly in goals but never stopped to think about what it actually meant. In a conventional sense the word highest pertains to altitude, a sense of greatness or nobility. In kinesiology, it is used in qualifying a potential such as ‘highest good’, ‘highest path’, or ‘highest self’, where we are not defining the specific outcome but where we define the quality of a range of potential future outcomes. What range of potentialities does the word highest denote?

I was asking this question of myself as I worked on the centre piece of the chakra course and it begged an answer – the next step in the chakra course depended on it. Once I decided that I needed an answer I put pen to paper (finger to swipe to text actually) and the response poured forth….

Definition of ‘Highest’

Most loving, most engendering of wisdom,

That which brings maximum joy,

That which brings maximum health to all living things,

That which enhances and accelerates the process known as evolution,

That which most effectively and compassionately dissolves all which obstructs the above,

That which makes the above the most sharable.

This is my personal definition of highest, so when I am saying the phrase ‘highest good’ I now know exactly to what highest is pertaining. I feel clearer and more on track in myself and as a practitioner now that I have taken the time to define it. And by the definition of the definition, I now share it with you.

The Threshold

Threshold of the highest potentialThe highest potential is a subset of the infinite potential. The infinite potential means that anything and everything can potentially occur, while the highest potential is the highest ordering dynamic of the infinite potential. We have found our way into a room with an infinite number of corridors and there is a certain number of corridors leading out of that room that follow the path of the highest potential. Each of these corridors have a different outcome, however each of the possible outcomes is a unique expression of the highest potential available to us in that moment.

This room is a metaphor for the threshold of endings and beginnings. The threshold of endings and beginnings is where we can end old patterns and begin new ones. However we need to reach a kind of critical mass to activate the potential of the potential.

A free soul who has mastered self actualisation finds themselves in the room of infinite potential and through their attuned hearts will quickly recognise which of the corridors are connected to the highest potential and select whichever one brings the most joy.

A condition soul locked into old patterns will tend to not see the room as a place of possibility and opportunity and will only see the corridors that lead into the repetition of the old patterns.

Regular sessions of kinesiology will enable a client to see an increasing range of possible corridors as they enter the room of infinite potential. The process of always tracking the priority goal available to kinesiology will enable the client to first recognise a wider range of possible paths and secondly attune to the corridors that follow the highest potential.

As we listen increasingly to the deeper resonance of our heart and realise that each moment is full of infinite possibilities then it starts to become natural for us to track the highest ordering dynamic. The process of kinesiology when used correctly will facilitate and accelerate this journey for both the client and practitioner as blocks and fears dissolve to reveal their own true nature.

Highest Blessings, Guy

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