The Heart: The Centre of Multidimensional Coherence

The Heart: The Centre of Multidimensional Coherence

The exact firing sequence of the heart is crucial for optimal health. There are varying degrees of heart integration that range from a non-anatomical heart murmur and atrium fibrillation to subtle disturbances in inter-dimensional communication.

Heart rate variability is the measurable variation in heart timing which indicates the health of the heart. Higher variability means that we are more healthy; the more ordered and predictable, the poorer our health. Heart rate variability in deeper terms means that we are able to braid a wider range of frequency inputs into the heart. Limited heart rate variability means that we are excluding a wide range of frequencies both within and around us. This relates to the heart chakra’s quality of acceptance. By not accepting a wide frequency range, we reduce our heart’s health.

The essence of an optimal heart is to collapse the illusion of space and time. The state of unconditional love attributed to the heart, connects us together, bring us a feeling of connection which defies the perceived limits of space and time.

The beating heart throughout each cycle creates 5 transitory vortices; it is the correct formation of the symmetry of these vortices that reflect the level of integrity of the heart. The optimal form for each vortex is the golden mean ratio. This ratio creates a self-amplifying compression implosion which accelerates itself toward a singularity (Dan Winter). The symmetry of this event leads to a singularity which allows a portal into the unified field. Here there is an interdimensional exchange of energy which infuses the blood with vital universal energy on the subatomic, atomic, molecular and cellular level. Such a heart braids ever-expanding aspects of existence, pulling in and cohering widening layers of our own auric field creating a multidimensional integrative centre for our point of beingness. Our widening sphere of compassion starts to then braid the energies around us, alchemically transmuting discord into higher orders of harmony and love for those around us.

The antithesis of acceptance is judgment. When something becomes wrong in our own perception we are beginning to set up a state of separation which is antipathic to the divine truth of unity. As the aversion develops there is a level of emotional charge that we are resisting, rather than allowing to pass through us (emotion = energy in motion). As time goes on the stuck charge builds in magnitude and we invest more in avoiding the intensity of the alienated emotions, creating effort and increasing complexity. The simplicity and truth of our unity is being avoided and our health begins to deteriorate. Healing begins by fully yielding to the intensity of the heart experience and allowing our understanding to emerge from the heart’s experience alone.

Heart and Kidneys

Physiologically, the heart and kidneys work in parallel. Heart disease usually leads to kidney disease and kidney disease usually leads to heart disease. Blood pressure is a key element in heart health and kidney health, both being vulnerable to changes in BP and contributing to the level of BP through their own function. Emotionally, the heart is the seat of love and the kidneys are to do with fear. These two states are in direct interplay with each other and could be understood as the pivotal emotions from which all other emotions stem. The two states are also mutually exclusive in that you can either be in fear or love; you can’t be in both simultaneously. If you love someone you can allow it to expand to a point, then you could flip into the fear of losing them. We seem to have triggers in how much love we can experience before flicking into a ‘what if’ state of fear. Hydrodynamically, when the heart is in the golden mean ratio the blood gets charged up; when energy is increased, the kidneys are engaged to filter the negative energy and toxins that may have been collecting. The kidneys then undergo an increased load, so the kidneys must be checked and balanced immediately after the heart.

Structure and the Heart

When practicing Tai Chi, sometimes it is not coming together. My instructor tweaks me a little and I feel the position of the heart shift in my chest cavity and everything falls into place. I can feel a big change in how I move and how my skeletal structure is aligned. In Hugh Milne’s book on craniosacral technique, ‘The Heart of Listening’, he talks about how the heart is the first thing that needs to be aligned before you can start to align the sacrum. When working structurally I am seeing how this is so very true. The heart creates like a gyroscopic symmetry for the alignment of the whole physical structure. The kidneys regulate the muscles that align the pelvis and the heart must be multidimensionally aligned before the kidneys can be balanced to support the pelvis.

The heart is such a rich and textured organ that represents the zero point for the beginning of our journey into health, love and inner peace.

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