Relationship Energetics

Relationship Energetics

When we enter into a loving relationship, we are also entering into an opportunity for growth. In order to make a relationship work there needs to be a journey of growth for both individuals. In this article we are looking at helping you to understand some of the subtle energetic dynamics within a relationship and how kinesiology can shift these subtle energetics, supporting your relationship to flourish.

The chemistry and magic that draws our partners to us is driven by two aspects; the first is to bring to the surface our issues so that they can complete.  We are pulled together because the issues of our potential partner dovetail with our own. There is a mutual opportunity to complete a series of submerged lessons which will emerge as the relationship moves forward. The second aspect is the magnetism of soul love. When a relationship happens both these elements will play out; the challenge is to enhance the flow and growth of soul love and at the same time resolve and release the incomplete issues as they arise.

Couple flying kite demonstrating relationship energetics

The harmonious fusion of a man and a woman offers tremendous power and deep satisfaction as the soul love comes into the fore and their issues dismantle. Each individual will heal and grow as the masculine and feminine potentials spiral into manifestation.

“this love has no one nor has it two”

When a relationship forms, the two individuals which make up the relationship form also a third entity. The third entity is the energy of the relationship. This third energy actually possesses its own complete chakra system.

The energy of the relationship is the key to its power and strength. Serving the relationship rather than the self or the other brings ease and grace, creating a synergy of growth and harmony for all three aspects. When we are over focused on the needs of the self within the relationship or making the other happy, then the energy of the relationship will wither rather than grow.


There are seven primary chakras; the lower three are about establishing the self within the world, while the upper three are about dissolving the self and ascending back into spirit.

Image of major seven chakras

The heart chakra sits in the middle of the upper and lower three. This chakra facilitates the harmonious merging of the lower three (the descent into physical) and the upper three (the ascent into spirit).

When we are unresolved in the lower three chakras, then we are always hungry for energy. This energy can come in the form of money, help around the house, emotional neediness, or energy acquired through sex. When we are unresolved in the lower chakras then we feel we want more energy and that we are not getting enough. In a relationship this becomes the major source of resistance and conflict.

As we clear and complete the learning of the lower three chakras and we are operating more from the higher chakras, we are able to tap into universal or cosmic energy rather than being so needy of worldly energy. We can start to be more generous within ourselves and toward others as we become less reactive to our immediate needs.

The heart chakra sits in the middle of the upper and lower realms. The heart allows both realms to harmonise, bringing the quality of acceptance and unconditional love.

So by completing the issues in the lower three chakras and activating acceptance and unconditional love within the heart centre, we can increase the activity of the upper three chakras allowing us to tap into and share universal energy.

Enhancing Love with Kinesiology

Kinesiology is famous for being able to locate and clear chakra imbalances. It reveals our lessons, providing a clear understanding of our journey. It also facilitates shifts in the subtle energy of the chakras. When we change the subtle energy within and around the body, it affects all parts of our being, including how we behave and what we attract.

Kinesiology can also work with the third entity, the energy of the relationship. By using surrogate testing on either member of the relationship, we can work directly on the energy of the relationship itself. The relationship when balanced as a third entity creates startling and positive changes for the relationship and the individuals. As we balance the energy of the relationship itself it can inform us of what support is needed in each individual to make the relationship work. When we use this approach, the relationship is becoming the focus of healing, rather than either of the individuals.

If this approach makes sense to you then you are open and ready to step into the dynamics of unconditional love… this love has no one nor has it two… You are ready to step out of a fixed position into the transcendence of divine love and experience your relationships in a new light.

Whether you are in a relationship and would like to enhance it or you want to attract your soul mate, this unique approach will help your relationship to reach its potential and support you to grow and evolve as an individual. Sow the seed of change today and enrol into the Create Your Reality training or book into the “Fulfilling Relationships” program.

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