Advanced Life Development: Creating your potential

Advanced Life Development: Creating your potential

Kinesiology is about to embark towards a new frontier, reorganising its focus from fixing problems and releasing stress (as the birth child of chiropractic) to optimising human potential and catalysing a new creative platform for its clients.

The vehicle for its transformation is called Coaching Kinesiology which is the fusion of kinesiology principles within a coaching framework. By linking these two powerful modalities together, we have the opportunity to bring harmony and inner transformation to the manifestation process in our lives.

The result: more awareness and clarity about ourselves as we create a life we’ve always dreamed of.

Stretching beyond the comfort zone

In my practice as a kinesiologist I see many individuals who arrive stressed or in pain from the many pressures of life. We begin an unravelling process as the individual gets in touch with their present state and makes a choice to grow and move forward. This growth process can be driven by two human motivations: the aversion to pain and suffering (the proverbial stick), and the attraction to opportunity and pleasure (the proverbial carrot). Often clients are in a state of wanting to escape their suffering, but as the suffering eases through kinesiology they can reach a threshold of opportunity.

At this threshold, the client either starts to engage their passion, leading them onto new experiences and levels, or they slip into complacency as the stress eases but they don’t find the inner fortitude to begin new experiences. The stagnation of complacency will ultimately return them back to a state of pain and suffering where they again feel the stick rather than the carrot as a motivation for change.

Coaching Kinesiology works at this opportunity threshold to facilitate a journey beyond the comfort zone and ensure that individuals have the resources to engage their passions and reach new possibilities.

Change is the one constant, everything is in a state of impermanence – this truth challenges all of us and we develop ways of trying to deal with our fear of change. We may attract possessions, relationships and habits that give us an illusion of security but we stay inherently distrustful of a changing world. Change can only be delayed it cannot be avoided. So when we avoid change we create a change debt and this debt grows and grows until all of the energy and resources we have used to avoid change run dry. At this point we are seriously over extended and the illusion we created collapses with a loud thud. When we collapse, we may feel powerless and disorientated, as though circumstance has dealt us a hard blow. The truth is we are there because of our failure to embrace change and action our inner passion into the world. Unfortunately, the trauma we experience when we hit rock bottom can be held onto and used to validate the need to avoid further change.

Kinesiology is a technique used to guide us back to our inner voice and intuition. From this place we can connect with the truth of our heart and break down the structures of fear that have built up around our traumas, which cause us to hide from our potential.

Coaching Kinesiology builds on this process by helping us to ask for what we want and invite change into our lives. This way we are proactive and become the cause in our lives rather than the effect. When we hold back, we constantly feel that our lives are taking effect without our participation, leaving us in a disempowered state.

Balance – a way of life

There is a risk of traditional life coaching and creation programs to be disproportionately focused on acquiring external wealth and success without the appropriate level of inner alignment with our values and growth as an individual. This trend is possibly due to the mass market engaging the creation process from the perspective of the external world and with less balance in the internal world.

The secrets of the Dao inform us that by acquiring a state of balance we facilitate growth, abundance and longevity. Balance in the Dao in its essential form distils back to the concept of yin and yang. Yin is the inward internal state and yang is the external state. The strengthening or cultivation of yin provides the foundation for the expansion of yang. Excessive expansion of yang depletes yin and ultimately leads to a decline.

Coaching Kinesiology investigates both sides of the balance equation and with the application of kinesiology, the body’s innate wisdom will reveal where we need to look to achieve balance, in the context of our goals and intentions. This means that we will be lead to where we truly need to change in order to find what we are looking to achieve.

With an authentic journey of creation we will periodically need to evaluate our goals and, as we evolve and become more self aware, it is likely that our goals too will evolve.

Brain Plasticity

Coaching Kinesiology harnesses the new innovative theory of brain plasticity. This is the brains ability to change itself. This happens by exercising the region of the brain that is deficient, stimulating neurones to redefine neural pathways and networks. Our habitual behaviour causes neurons to trim back into defined networks, forming a limiting pattern that sets the old habit. Reforming new neural networks and patterns requires focused effort as the regions of brain deficiency are often shrouded with old emotion and self worth issues.

Coaching Kinesiology has ventured into a new frontier of brain plasticity through the development of a number of kinesiology techniques that clarify and pinpoint the deficiencies and excesses in our mind patterning, creating a clear path towards neurological change.

Sustainable growth

Possessions and material gain are not the enemy. In fact, we all have the potential to operate our lives in a creative and inspired way, where we can attract great wealth and success. The key to achieving sustainable growth in our lives is to be able to contextualise our desires in relation to our deeper truth and destiny. If material gain is our primary concern and we trade it off for our truth, then it is likely that our endeavours to achieve may fall short or have unforeseen consequences.

Coaching Kinesiology harnesses the essence of sustainable growth and creation, ensuring that our real priorities are identified and we embody our inner wisdom on our path to success.

Experience it for yourself

Create Your Reality is offering a Coaching Kinesiology course in 2013. This is available to existing kinesiology students having already studied a foundation level of kinesiology.

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