Articles on Health and Healing by Guy Bennett

Articles on Health and Healing by Guy Bennett

Stepping out of Survival
We are hardwired to survive in the harshest of environments…..which means that each of us have super vigilant survival systems. When these systems don’t switch off like they are supposed to our higher functions as humans become blocked. Most of us are stuck in survival states that we are not even aware of which are steering us away from our higher potential….this article investigates the extensive impact of being stuck in survival and how we can step out of it.

Tracking the Highest Potential
Kinesiology is a lot about unlocking an individual’s highest potential. People will often have ideas about what it is they want from their lives; yet what they want won’t always be in alignment with their highest potential. This mismatch can significantly slow down growth and the ability to attain goals…….

Relationship Energetics
Our relationships are our greatest learning ground.  Sometimes we get stuck as our relationships bring up our primary issues. When the issues that come up are not cleared then the relationship will begin to breakdown.  In my new article I discuss how you can re-build the energy matrix of your relationship so it can flourish….

Breaking Patterns: Redefining the neural network
There is no time like the present to re-architect your life. The truth is that we have an unlimited capacity to shape ourselves and our future. Discover the five steps to self-actualisation in my new article.

Aligning the body with Kinesiology
Kinesiology offers permanent solutions to structural and postural issues.

Advanced Life Development: Creating your potential
A groundbreaking approach to creating a heart-felt path to happiness, wealth and success.

Heart Coherence
Investigating the heart and its function from a kinesiology perspective.

The Multidimensional Human
By understanding the unseen realities and learning tools to work with them, you can affect a new measure of control that steers your life back on course, expanding your capacity and enriching your experience of life’s majesty.

Prospering in a Recession
With the current economic downturn it is time to be more self-determining in the creation process and disengage from the panic and fear in the mass consciousness.  The ideas in this article are investigated further in the up-coming free seminar called How to Create Your Reality.

Achieving Goals with Kinesiology
Inside secrets to manifesting what you really want and need with Kinesiology.

Depression: A drug-free solution
Depression is on the rise.  While modern medicine deals successfully with many health problems, it is failing to address a range of other health and mental problems including depression.  Do we need to think outside the square to begin to solve this social epidemic?

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